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Jack Osbourne’s divorce: It just didn’t work

It has been reported in the media that Jack Osbourne, son to Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, is getting divorced from his wife of 6 years. The media have reported Sharon saying she is very very sad about Jack’s divorce. Sharon has also been quoted referring to Jack’s estranged wife saying “She’s a good girl. And the thing is it just didn’t work…They love each other, they can’t live with each other.”

If Jack and his estranged wife were to divorce in England, as they have not been separated for more than two years, they would have to decide who to blame for the breakdown of their marriage. It would not be possible to simply state “it just didn’t work”.

There is a nationwide campaign lead by Resolution (First for Family Law) to change divorce laws in England and Wales to allow for a no fault divorce. This was recently brought to the attention of the Supreme Court in the case of Owens v Owens. In the case of Owens the Court held that our current laws do not allow for a no fault divorce, calling upon the government to consider a reform to the law.

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Laura Clapton

Director, Family Solicitor and Mediator

Full case report can be accessed by following this link: