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The question of whether one separating couple can use the same family solicitor for their divorce has been one that has been asked to family solicitors for many years. In the past, the answer would have been regrettably not as this would be considered a conflict for the divorce solicitor.

However, with a push towards amicable divorces and reducing conflict between a separating couple, family solicitors have now been given the go ahead to work with a separating couple in a new one lawyer, two client model known as Resolution Together.

The Resolution Together model is aimed at keeping separated families out of court and helping them to reach resolutions that are fair to the whole family.

The benefits of using one lawyer in a divorce

Here are some of the key benefits to the Resolution Together model:

  • Enables the separating couple to have an amicable divorce by reducing conflict between them;
  • Saves costs as the couple only have to pay for the cost of one solicitor as opposed to two;
  • It ensures complete transparency between the separating couple as they are each hearing the same advice and legal information;
  • It can reduce delay as the separating couple keep control of how quickly discussions progress as opposed to a court imposed timetable;
  • It can be tailored to the specific need of the separating couple, for example, Resolution Together can work in parallel to or at the end of family mediation;
  • For separating parents, it can lead to more effective communication and co-parenting both in the short and longer term.

The Cost of Resolution Together

As explained above, the cost of using one lawyer in a divorce is inevitably cheaper than using two lawyers.

In initial assessment would need to be carried out to provide an indication of overall costs as every case is different.

Our specialist Resolution Together family solicitors will work with you both in the most cost effective way.

How do I start Resolution Together?

If you would like more information about how our award winning family solicitors can work with you both in your divorce, you can contact us on 0113 322 9222 or

Please note that not all cases are suitable for Resolution Together and every case will be assessed at the outset.