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High Net Worth Divorce Solicitors

Offices in Leeds, Harrogate and London. Working with clients across the UK and overseas.

At Consilia Legal, we pride ourselves on being experts in the field of private family law and we have a wealth of experience dealing with complex high net worth divorce cases for clients both locally and nationally.

When divorcing couples with high net worth assets enter into negotiations to settle financial matters, often negotiations can be protracted. With our expert advice and support, we will work with you to achieve the best outcome for you in the most cost-sensitive manner.

Our experience in dealing with high net worth individuals ranges from business owners with companies worth in excess of £1,000,000 to dental practitioners/surgeons, farmers and bankers. We have advised and assisted on a variety of high asset value cases involving a multitude of assets including businesses, trusts, offshore funds, international pension funds and multi-asset investment portfolios.

At Consilia Legal we understand the importance of obtaining expert advice early on in the process to ensure that matters do not escalate to court proceedings which in turn increases legal costs. We aim to resolve matters pragmatically whilst ensuring that a thorough review of the finances is undertaken employing the assistance of the most reputable surveyors, valuers, actuaries, accountants and financial advisors where necessary. The appointment of experts may be appropriate if, for example, if there are concerns that certain assets have been concealed or if complex business valuations are required.

We also have expert knowledge and experience dealing with international divorces concerning overseas assets and foreign jurisdiction and have a strong connection with barristers who also specialise in this area to ensure that the very best advice is provided to our clients.

Financial disclosure

Before we can enter into financial negotiations and provide our clients with specialist legal advice, it is essential that we have sight of full and frank financial disclosure from both parties. This will enable us to assess what is in the ‘pot’ and how we can assist in ensuring our client retains a fair share of the matrimonial wealth.

Following receipt of the financial disclosure from the our client’s spouse, we can engage in a thorough investigation of their assets. We can also raise any questions in relation to the disclosure they have provided. At this stage we can address if further information needs to be obtained to ensure that there is a true picture of the finances of the marriage as a whole.

Laura Clapton

Laura Clapton
Family Solicitor & Family Mediator

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Important considerations

As experts in the field of high net worth divorces, we have the requisite knowledge and experience to ensure that important issues are considered as part of the case management, including:

  • Tax considerations such as Capital Gains Tax (CGT) upon the transfer of assets after the permanent year of separation;
  • The remit of company valuations and where appropriate discounts are to be applied for factors such as illiquidity, minority shareholdings and risk;
  • Enforcing orders overseas and whether foreign lawyers will need to be appointed;
  • Capitalisation of maintenance and whether Duxbury applies;
  • Different pension arrangements including final salary schemes, armed forces pensions and defined contribution schemes and any inherent benefits underlying certain schemes.

Our approach

We have a team of highly experienced solicitors who will expertly guide you through your divorce. As well as having expert knowledge, we pride ourselves on being approachable and having a strong rapport with our clients. We understand that divorce can be a highly emotive and distressing time. When emotions are running high, this can impact upon what seems fair, however, we will be clear and commercial in our advice on what matters are relevant within the parameters of family law.

We also pride ourselves on being transparent in our fees and keep our clients regularly up-to-date on legal costs being incurred.


We have many clients across the UK and it is not essential that you are able to visit our offices in Leeds and Harrogate. With the help of video and telephone conferencing including the use of Skype, it is easy for us to take detailed instructions without seeing you in person.

Our prices are competitive particularly for those clients based in the South of England, including London.


Free Initial Discussion

At Consilia Legal, our Director and Family Solicitor, Laura Clapton is highly experienced in dealing with high net worth divorce cases. If you would like to have a confidential discussion surrounding this issue please contact Laura on 0113 322 9222 or

Award Winning Leeds Family Law Solicitors

At Consilia Legal, we've achieved numerous accolades and recognitions, whether as nominees, finalists, or winners of the prestigious Family Legal Awards. We're also ranked 5th among the top 10 family law solicitors in Leeds City Centre on DIY Legals and in the top 5 best divorce lawyers in Leeds on Kev’s Best.

Our team of expert Leeds family solicitors is dedicated to securing the best outcomes for our clients. We're proud to have our highly regarded family law team featured in the esteemed Chambers and Partners publication as one of the top family/matrimonial teams in Leeds. Our excellent reputation extends throughout the Yorkshire region, and we're ready to represent you with your family law matter, wherever you are located.

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