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How much does mediation cost?

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We offer a range of fixed-fee packages so that you can budget and costs are kept to a manageable level.

All rates displayed are Per Person.

Pay as you Go

Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) – £150 Inclusive of VAT (per person)(including supplying the C100 or Form A).

Joint mediation session (including comprehensive mediation summary).

  • Up to 60 minutes – £264 Inclusive of VAT (per person)
  • Up to 90 minutes – £330 Inclusive of VAT (per person)
  • Up to 120 minutes- £396 Inclusive of VAT (per person)
  • Up to 150 minutes- £462 Inclusive of VAT (per person)
  • Up to 180 minutes- £508 Inclusive of VAT (per person)
  • Hybrid half day (up to 4 hours)- £600 Inclusive of VAT (per person)
  • Hybrid full day (up to 8 hours)- £1000 Inclusive of VAT (per person)
  • *Travel costs charged separately*

Advocates preparation meeting- £100 Inclusive of VAT (per person)

Letters sent during the mediation process confirming appointments and housekeeping arrangements – Free

Mediator’s preparation time pre and post joint meetings (including going through financial disclosure forms, preparation of asset schedules and reviewing other documentation supplied by each party during the process) – £120 Inclusive of VAT per hour spent (per person)

Preparation of Open Financial Summary – £120 Inclusive of VAT (per person)

Preparation of Memorandum of Understanding – £240 Inclusive of VAT (per person)

Child Inclusive Mediation

To Include:

  • Preparation meeting with the parents (30-60 minutes);
  • Meeting with the child/children (30-60 minutes);
  • Feedback session with the parents (30-60 minutes)

£480 inclusive of VAT (per person)

Cancellation Fee (if less than 24 hours notice). Set fee payable £150 inclusive of VAT (per person).


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