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The Family Mediation Process

If you are looking for family mediation, we are sure you will have questions around the process that is followed and perhaps some concerns about whether it is something that could work for you and your partner. Here is a summary of the key stages of the family mediation process.


  • family mediation process starts when we receive a referral from you, the other party or a solicitor acting on your behalf.
  • You can make a referral by telephone on 0113 322 9222 (Leeds mediation office) or 01423 222 220 (Harrogate mediation office), by email at or by completing our online referral form by clicking on the ‘make a referral’ button at the top of this page.


  • We will then arrange for you to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting “a MIAMS” appointment at our office in Leeds or Harrogate. At the MIAMS we explore whether mediation as a process can help you to resolve issues.
  • We can also assess whether you are eligible for our fee assistance scheme (25% reduction in fees) at the appointment;

C100 Form/Form A

  • If you or the other party decides not to proceed with the mediation process then we sign the C100 form or Form A, which is the Court forms you would need to issue Court proceedings;

Joint Session

  • If you and the other party are willing and we agree that mediation can help you to resolve your dispute we set up a joint session.
  • At the joint session you both sit with our accredited family mediators and explore options as to how you can reach important decisions for you and your family, whether in relation to children and/or financial matters;

Mediation Duration

  • Family mediation usually takes place over 2 – 4 sessions depending upon the complexity of your issues and what is involved.
  • Mediation is not an alternative to legal advice and we suggest that you speak to your solicitors in between sessions;


  • If you reach a consensus with family mediation then we prepare the mediation documentation, the Memorandum of Understanding and the Open Financial Summary which we send to you and to your solicitors to record the decisions reached.

Free Initial Discussion

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