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Do you know that I am a visiting lecturer on a couple of post graduate courses specialising in employment law? As a team, Consilia Legal also deliver a number of webinars and face to face training to and on behalf of our clients about topics that they consider relevant.

For our commercial clients, we offer not only assistance with the implementation of contracts and handbooks but also in training their line managers mainly in the conduct of disciplinary and grievance procedures, sickness absence issues and equality and diversity matters.

Recently when I offered this service to a new client as part of a package they had already purchased with us, I was asked “what’s the point?” The client followed up with a concern about the time out of the business for the relevant employees and its potential cost.

I responded in clear terms as follows: –
(a) the time loss to the business and cost of dealing with disciplinaries and grievances badly plus the cost of potentially related employment tribunal proceedings would far outweigh that spent in a few basic training sessions; and
(b) the client may find that if his employees are confident in dealing with issues (with the help of HR of course) then his business may run more consistently and efficiently and they may even see increased productivity and reduced levels of absence and staff turnover.

In my opinion, it’s an absolute must.

Our most popular training courses are face to face in house events which last about 1.5 hours per topic. These are delivered in a pragmatic and straight-talking manner without recourse to legal jargon and with a view to empowering your workforce and taking the stress out of staffing matters, whilst also reducing your longer term legal fees. You do not incur an overpriced fixed fee and the cost is not based on a per person attendance rate. The average cost is around £250 plus VAT per session.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can deliver this to your business, please contact Marie Walsh on or call us on 0113 322 9222.

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