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Consilia legal are proud to announce that they have chosen The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund as their chosen charity for the year!

The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund provides support for children and adults born with congenital heart disease and their families.

Working alongside the Leeds General Infirmary Congenital Heart Unit, they fund ground-breaking new equipment, resources, training, and research, as well as offering support for patients and their families whenever they need it.

Over 400 children and adults from Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire need open heart surgery every year and over 17,000 are treated as outpatients. They aim to ensure that these children and adults have the best possible support.

Consilia legal has lots of ideas on how to raise money from taking part in the Great North Run, bake sales, volunteering, children’s fun days and a fun and fizz night. Consilia Legal also offer free consultations to new clients and simply asking for a donation to be made to Children’s Heart Surgery Fund in exchange for their legal services. The firm chose the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund as it is a local charity which has helped many families in the region, some who are known to the staff members at Consilia Legal. It is a fantastic charity and the work that they carry out is truly amazing. Consilia are proud to help raise the much-needed funds to help keep the charity running and help the children and families that require their support.

Please see below a list of the typical items the money donated will be used for:

£10 – A teddy and medal given to each child after surgery;

£50 – This funds reward charts and stickers for children on the ward which they receive after having treatments and tests;

£100 – This purchases a Kardia Mobile Device – a small device that fits to a patient’s mobile phone enabling them to record their heart rate whenever they experience an unusual heartbeat. The results are then sent through to the hospital for analysis;

£300 – An INR home testing kit for a patient – which means they can test their blood levels at home without missing school for a hospital visit;

£500 – This funds the managed fish tank on the children’s heart ward. Children who’ve had heart surgery are encouraged to walk to the fish tank as soon as possible after their operation and the babies love to look at the fish;

£15,000 – This funds a Parallel Simulator – training equipment to train medical staff to use life-saving heart lung machines;

£35,000 – Provides accommodation next door to the hospital for families with a child in hospital on the Heart Unit;

Any donation big or small will have a huge impact on the charity and the families they support. Follow the link to make a donation Children’s Heart Surgery Fund