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Sally Clark is a director at Consilia Legal and is a very experienced family solicitor, accredited family mediator and collaborative family lawyer with 11 years of experience in the family law arena. Sally has a wealth of experience in particular in assisting mid to high net worth clients in connection with financial matters and cases involving international elements, businesses and family trust arrangements. 

Here’s what we found about about Sally when we asked her those all important questions.

1. Where are you from

Born and raised in good old Barnsley.

2. What is your favourite please to visit and why

Without doubt Southern Italy. I love the climate, the food, the people and the beautiful scenery. I spent a lot of time out there when I was at university and the coast line between Sorrento and Positano is the most gorgeous view I have ever seen. The pizza and limoncello is also to die for.

3. What is still on your “to do” list

New York – this is hopefully being ticked off for my 40th which unfortunately is fast approaching! I would also love to hire an open top sports car and travel from the head to the foot of Italy before crossing over into Sicily and then further down to the Aeolian Islands.

4. What do you do when not at work

I am very active and do a lot of running and swimming and on the weekends I have my children I tend to spend all weekend chasing them around trying to tire them out, particularly my little boy who a supercharged rough and tumble little rogue. I am also fairly partial to trying different types of gin and do like a good gin and tonic and evenings with my friends.

5. Favourite piece of trivia about you

I used to be a mental health nurse before I become a lawyer….not really trivia but it is a fact. I worked for a time at the Priory clinic in London before re-training as a solicitor.

6. Who is your favourite role model?

Without question my dad. He is the most amazing man and person I have ever met and he always has been and always will be my inspiration. If I end up being half as good as him be that in law and as a person then I would be happy with that.

7. What was your first job?

Working as a store assistant aged 15 in Littlewoods menswear as a Christmas temp.

8. If you weren’t in law what would you do

I do genuinely love what I do so that is difficult. However if pressed I think a forensic psychologist. People fascinate me and I love a good crime thriller.