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You may be really apprehensive having survived the recent festivities year and maybe have been waiting to make that all important decision about your family’s future until the start of January 2017.


Christmas whilst a time of joy for many is also a period of extreme stress and anxiety if youre not in a good place in your relationship.  If you have decided to end a relationship or you no longer wish to locked into acrimony with your ex-partner, you can make a change and you can bring about that change constructively and a lot can be achieved in a year.


January is often cited as the divorce month of the year. Whether that’s media hype or statistically correct it is a time when people tend to re – evaluate relationships and make changes. Good professional advice is crucial. Taking that step to a different future is scary and daunting, but separation doesn’t have to be costly or acrimonious if handled correctly . However, it is important to take advice from a family specialist so that you can make informed choices about your options and the routes that are available to you to achieve your goals.


If you would like a confidential no obligation chat call Sally or Laura at Consilia legal on 0113 322 9222. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with family breakdown and will help you to understand the options available to you. Our offices are in Leeds and Harrogate.