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Employment Tribunal Claims have soared since July 2017 I read today in the Law Society Gazette.

This is not news to me of course.

Having set up the practice in 2014 shortly after the fee regime in the ET was introduced, I was aware of the impact on the number of claims which were proceeding and how significantly they had dropped.

The impact on access to justice was obvious to any solicitor who had carried out claimant-based work but it did take until 2017 for the fee regime to be disposed of.

So, what now then? As I said initially claims have soared and this is not an exaggeration by any means.

Anyone who knows me will know that I am not about scaremongering tactics to get business.

The truth is, however, that with an average claim costing employers in excess of £5k to defend, it is a good time to review your employment law advice provision and also to consider an insurance backed option.

Before you pick the phone up the larger companies however I would urge you to also get a quote closer to home.

Did you know that we can also now offer insurance backed advice? We quote on a case by case basis and the policies are relatively inexpensive if you take it before you have any claims rather than after the event.

Insurance ensures that in the event of a claim (providing you have followed our advice) you do not pay any legal fees to defend and it will also in most cases cover any settlements or awards.

The other benefit is that you work alongside the solicitor who knows your business the best and it gives consistency of advice tailored to your approach and that of your business that maybe a larger call centre style provider may not be in a position to provide.

This is just a general overview of course and if you would like a quote for taking up a scheme with us or to speak to me directly about the services we provide please do call on 01133229222 or email me