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 Mediation Week – The Main Benefits of Mediation

As it’s mediation week this week, we thought we would kick off the week with what we consider the five main benefits of mediation: –

  • POSITIVE FOCUS – Mediation seeks to facilitate positive dialogue between you and the other party in order to enable you to reach an agreement amicably rather than focusing on shifting the blame;
  • BALANCE OF POWER – The mediator is present to ensure that both parties are equally heard so that no one is left feeling like they haven’t had a fair chance to get their views across;
  • FLEXBILE – You are in control of when the sessions take place and what happens during them rather than being bound by court timetables and directions;
  • QUICK– The mediation process generally takes around 2-4 joint sessions that can be concluded within a couple of months unlike court proceedings that can go on for years depending on the complexity of the case; and
  • COST EFFECTIVE – Mediation can cost a fraction of the price of going to court as costs are limited to the mediation sessions and the final documents. This is in stark contrast to the expense of Court proceedings.

For more information or to make a referral to our mediation service in Leeds or Harrogate please visit our mediation web page. Alternatively contact us on 0113 322 9222.