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Family Dispute Resolution Week is Resolution’s biggest public-facing campaign of the year. This year’s campaign is focused on putting children first during divorce and separation. 

As part of Resolution’s mission to ensure children’s voices are being heard, they polled around 500 children and young people about their own experience of divorce and separation. Some of the results from the study can be found on the Family Resolution website The study included findings that 62% of children and young people polled disagreed with the statement that their parents made sure they were part of the decision-making process about their separation or divorce.

Resolution are actively promoting dispute resolution week on social media platforms including Facebook, linked in and Twitter. The hashtag #childrenfirst is this year’s top hashtag and Resolution are encouraging us all the tweet #childrenfirst to see if we can get the campaign trending!

Resolution have also created a one minute video to help promote alternative dispute resolution and particularly to illustrate the impact that divorce and separation has on children click here to view

There’s also a new online advice area for families who are separating or separated. Information available covers a wide range of topics including talking to your children about separation and dealing with your ex-partner. In addition, Resolution’s Separating Together guide provides useful information to help separated families.

If you are separating or have separated and you would like to consider your options, we are offering a free options meeting during DR week. Please give us a call on 0113 357 1315 for more details.