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FREE Live TV ‘Gig Economy’ Webinar

You may be interested in our next live TV webinar, which you can watch from your desk, discussing the implications of the so called, ‘Gig Economy’.

Outsourcing has never been easier or more cost-effective. Businesses are keeping costs down by utilising a growing freelance workforce. The gig economy is delivering a wide range of services, from digital marketing and design to taxi drivers and couriers.

But recent rulings in the courts have caught many employers on the hop.

Following a judgement against Uber last autumn for example, City Sprint UK Limited found its practices under scrutiny in court when a cycle courier claimed she was not self-employed but a ‘worker’, entitled to rights such as paid holiday. A judge concluded that the courier was, indeed, a worker.

These cases, and many others, spell out to employers that they must track arrangements with individuals undertaking work on behalf of the company – so that it can be determined if they are genuinely self-employed, employed or a worker entitled to some of the same benefits as those who are employed. New ways of working mean contracts may not necessarily reflect the true nature of the agreement between a business and an individual. This requires vigilance on the part of employers.


How will your organisation manage the new legislation?
Can you make the ‘gig economy work for your organisation?

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Get the full legal perspective during a FREE LIVE TV webinar in conjunction with Shorebird TV hosted by Marie Walsh, Employment Lawyer and Director from Consilia Legal. Marie will be discussing the ‘Gig Economy’ and related legislation and its implications with specialist employment law barrister Paul Wilson from St Phillips Chambers on May 16th 2017 at 8.30am.

Why should you attend? Here’s some feedback from our previous live TV webinar:

“Lively, entertaining and educational”

“Great presentation, making law entertaining” 

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