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Family Mediation is an accessible and cost-effective form of Alternative Dispute Resolution in situations where communication has broken down and parties cannot agree on a way forward. It provides the opportunity for an impartial third party to hear from both sides and navigate them through roadblocks in disputes in respect of the breakdown of their relationship, children and finances.

Mediation is a route that allows you to have more say in the problems affecting your family and future. The end goal is to reach a fair sustainable agreement between the parties to minimise conflict.

This helps parties to rebuild and repair relationships within the family. In child disputes for example, mediation can offer a crucial line of communication between a parent and child and enables parents to reach agreement on the day- to- day arrangements for the child(ren). Discussions during mediation are less upsetting for all involved and it shows a willingness from the parties to resolve matters.

If you are concerned about costs, there are schemes in place to support mediation. The government offer a £500 mediation voucher to help parents towards the costs of discussing children.

Participants who qualify for Legal Aid can also access mediation for free. In situations where this applies to one party and not the other, the initial Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) will be free for both.

You can find the a link to our mediation processes here on our specialist mediation website if you want to know more about our mediation service.