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Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) is an opportunity for the children to have their voices heard when parents are going through relationship breakdown. The process helps children feel that they have been valued and heard.  It provides the children with the opportunity to speak to an independent trained child inclusive mediator about their feelings.  In most cases children tend to be open and are willing to express their wishes and feelings.

The process is informal and confidential without undue pressure on the child(ren). What is discussed with the child can only be fed back to the parents with the child’s permission.

Before the process begins consent from both parents is required.  Thereafter, a letter is sent to the child(ren) from the mediator explaining the process and purpose of child inclusive mediation and giving them the freedom to choose if they wish to speak to someone completely independent.

CIM has proven an incredibly effective allowing the following:

  • They are informed by both parents what is happening.
  • Reassurance that it is ‘not their fault’ that either parent has left home.
  • Being treated as an individual.
  • Having someone to talk to outside of the immediate family.

You can find the a link to our mediation processes here on our specialist mediation website if you want to know more about our mediation service.