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Christmas.  A time for festivities and, so it seems, a time to put planning for the future on hold and concentrate on enjoying precious family time together.

Many couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties get to this time of the year and will often decide to carry on and decide to postpone dealing with the big decisions concerning their future until after the New Year.

The thought of tackling those issues head-on when others are playing happy families can often put people off from seeking essential advice.

The fear of being alone over Christmas can be a contributory factor, especially if one has been in a relationship for many years.

Those who have young children are usually concerned that contact with their children may also be impacted if they discuss their feelings with their spouse or partner.

All the above is completely understandable however, often there is a fear of the unknown and some would rather bury their heads and hope that things will improve.  As a specialist family solicitor, I always find that once clients have had their initial consultation, they often feel a lot better especially as we can often provide various options in which to handle their matter.

Each case is different and having someone experienced advise you can assist tremendously to allay any fears that one may have. A specialist in family law can often provide guidance and options to you which one may not have thought were possible.

Planning ahead can also provide an opportunity to request various documents that may be required. For example, If you are planning a divorce and you have a pension, obtaining pension valuation documents can take time, especially before and just after Christmas.

Many family lawyers will agree that there is a surge in new enquiries for family law advice after the New Year. At Consilia Legal, we offer a free initial 30-minute consultation with an experienced solicitor and such consultations can be done on the telephone or over a video call.

By arranging an appointment before the New Year and getting some personalised advice, it may help in easing any concerns you have and help you enjoy the well-deserved break over Christmas.

If you would like to take advantage of having a free 30-minute consultation with a member of our team please do not hesitate to contact us on the following details. or telephone 0113 322 9222.