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Relationship Breakdown

How can you reduce the negative effect on your mental health?

The breakdown of a relationship between a couple can lead to life changing decisions. Sometimes this comes unexpectedly or has been long overdue.

Added factors, such as caring for children, sorting out finances and leaving home, can have a devastating effect upon an individual’s mental health at a time when good mental health is vital.

So how can you reduce the negative impact a relationship breakdown has on your mental health when you are potentially going through the most difficult time of your life?

Well, first of all, it is important to identify that a relationship is coming to an end or that it has irretrievably broken down and what that means for you and your family. One way of identifying this, is to use the services of a legal advisor who specialises in family law.

People often assume that solicitors should only be used if there is animosity or non-cooperation between the two of them.

Using a specialist legal advisor who subscribes to Resolutions Code of Practice, ensures that they will (amongst other things); reduce or manage any conflict and confrontation, for example, by not using inflammatory language in correspondence to your former spouse or partner. There is nothing worse than stirring the pot when emotions are already sensitive.

At Consilia Legal, we assist clients who come to us when they are finding it difficult to balance financial and emotional costs with what they want to achieve. We help our clients focus on what’s important in the long-term and try to take as much stress away from our clients as possible so that they can have a clear head to consider the options before them.

Seeking advice at an early stage can reduce stress and anxiety. If there is lots to sort out, such as dealing with business interests, pensions or other assets, a specialist solicitor will be able to bring in experts such as surveyors and forensic accountants so that valuations can be obtained in a timely manner.

Having someone to help with the practical side of things and guide you through the complexities of procedures and paperwork can allow a person to have the time and energy to deal with their emotions during this difficult period of time.

If you are struggling emotionally, we advise our clients to seek help from their GP or find a counsellor who specialises in relationship breakdowns. We may also recommend that an individual seek support from a divorce coach who can help and empower an individual going through a separation.

Ensuring that you feel comfortable with your solicitor is important as they will be the one who will be supporting you through the process from start to finish. We offer a free initial consultation to clients who require advice about a relationship breakdown and need help resolving financial and/or child arrangements. We want you to feel content with our approach to your situation and to understand your objectives and future aspirations.

Our clients inform us that they feel reassured and wonder why they left it so long to seek our professional advice.

We are a team of proactive and understanding specialist solicitors with outstanding client reviews. We are often complimented on our friendly, professional approach and excellent communication by our clients.

Relationship breakdown can be a traumatic life experience and we are here to support you through that journey towards a brighter future.

Just remember, this too shall pass.

If you would like to book your free initial consultation with one of our Family Solicitors, please contact 0113 322 9222 or alternatively, email