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Laura Clapton is a highly experienced family solicitor and an accredited mediator. Laura is known for the highest level of client care. Laura specialises in mid to high net worth financial settlements and complex private children matters. Laura also advises individuals in relation to future relationship planning including pre-nuptial agreements.

Here’s what Laura said when we asked her those all important questions…

1. Where are you from?

I was born in Dewsbury and now live in Leeds. I’m a real Yorkshire girl!

2. What is your favourite place to visit and why?

This is such a difficult one. I love visiting places for the first time and there are so many still on my wish list. For a weekend away I’d love to go back to Berlin. It’s a place with loads of history and the different districts are so diverse and interesting. Long haul I’d have to say Bali (it was my honeymoon destination after all!).

3. What is still on your “to do” list

Dare I say it…throwing myself out of a plane.

4. What do you do when not at work

We laugh in the office because there’s a common theme for what we all seem to do when we’re not working…keeping fit or enjoying a good gin. I think a balance is important, so whilst I try to be healthy and drag myself out for a run I’m also a lover of good food and drink. Spending time with my husband and our friends is really important too so we try plan time together whether it’s going to a gig or having them all round for dinner.

5. Favourite piece of trivia about you

I went to Thornhill high school AKA “Educating Yorkshire”.

6. Who is your biggest role model?

I’d have to say my parents but for different reasons. My dad has been so important in helping me forge my career as a solicitor. He is driven and hardworking in equal measure and taught me the importance of being fair. My mum spent the majority of her career helping and supporting hundreds of women in abusive relationships. She’s a real inspiration to me.

7. What was your first job?

Waitress at a local country pub. I remember my first shift was a wedding function and I almost spilt tomato soup down the bride.

8. If you weren’t in law what would you do?

I love food and I enjoy writing so it would have to be a food writer and restaurant critic. Trying lots of yummy food would be a dream, although it would mean getting a lot more runs in.