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As I write this blog, I have just finished watching a webinar hosted by Mankind, a domestic violence abuse charity who help male victims of domestic abuse.

Listening to the talk, I was both shocked and lost for words hearing real-life examples of domestic abuse suffered by men at the hands of their partner. The statistics were also stark when it comes to the support and funding available for male domestic abuse victims.

I became acutely aware of the impact of domestic abuse from an early age, my mum working for Women’s Refuge for many years helping female victims of domestic abuse. I was also very aware of the existence of refugees around the Country who were available to house such victims and their children. In fact, there are 4500 refuges throughout the Country for women. However, in contrast to that, I am surprised to learn that there are only 277 safe houses for men and only 92 of these are exclusively for male victims of abuse.

Violence is violence and both men and women are at risk of suffering domestic abuse at the hands of their partner. The types of abuse suffered is wide-ranging and happens to both genders. However, the significant difference is the support men receive following the abuse. The biggest issue here stems from society’s assumptions on domestic abuse against men and how men feel unable to speak out about the abuse they suffer and even when they do, they do not go on to access support services, such as Mankind.

I would urge any person male or female who is experiencing harmful behaviour by their partner/spouse which is affecting their own mental and/or physical well-being to reach out to specialist organisations for support. You may not view yourself as a victim of domestic abuse due to your own preconceptions of what domestic abuse is and who can be a perpetrator/victim. But if it is affecting your mental and/or physical health, please seek help immediately.

At Consilia legal, we have a specialist team of family solicitors and mediators who are here to listen to your experience and help you to access appropriate support services. Please contact us on 0113 322 9222 for a free confidential discussion or email me directly at

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