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As a family solicitor, I am a member of an organisation called Resolution and adhere to strict Codes of Practice when it comes to the work I do as a family solicitor. Resolution have recently released an ethics statement to strengthen the Code of Practice for its members. The core ethical principles are:

Good standing

Our members maintain good standing with their regulator or professional body. They should work to uphold the best practice guidance for the job they do.

Tolerance and respect

Resolution members are from varied and diverse professional and personal backgrounds, they do different jobs and work in different ways. Their clients are diverse and need a range of services. Our members respect the way others work, the requirements of their profession, and Resolution encourages diversity of practice.

Working together for clients

We encourage our members to work together to achieve outcome-focused solutions for clients.

Members should always place the interests of their clients first, working to directly meet their needs and keep them safe.

Children’s needs and welfare must be the priority, in public and in private law matters.

Protecting clients

Our members should protect vulnerable adults, children and young people by making sure they are up to date with safeguarding policy and principles in whatever work they do.

No matter what their role is, family justice professionals should make sure clients understand conflicts of interest.


Resolution works to promote the importance of well-being and Resolution members recognise the importance of supporting the positive well-being of those they work with.

Wherever possible Resolution members access the professional support they need to support their practice and their own positive wellbeing.


We believe clients must understand what will happen to their information, who will see it and how it will be shared. This includes information about their personal circumstances, proposals for resolving their issues, and in respect of the advice they are given.

As a Resolution member, I ensure that the way in which I practice is fully aligned with the Code of Practice and I very much welcome the new ethics statement. Below are some examples of ways in which I personally commit to these standards:

  • I put the interests of my client first by encouraging them to explore out-of-court solutions such as mediation or arbitration to avoid the cost, delay and stress of court proceedings;
  • I encourage parents to consider child-centered solutions when it comes to sorting out arrangements for their children and to consider the impact of any conflict on the children before now and in the future;
  • As the head of a family team, I encourage my team to speak openly about their well-being and any challenges they are facing. I introduced a 4-day working week for the team to help balance work and family life;
  • I have been on the regional Resolution committee for over a decade so that I can actively promote Resolution’s Code of Practice and work with other Resolution members to best serve our clients;
  • I avoid inflammatory communication with other Resolution members and encourage a collaborative approach so that we can work together to secure the best outcome for the family without acrimonious and expensive litigation. 

As family solicitors, it is important that we uphold a good standing and respect each other in the interests of our clients and our own wellbeing. I thank Resolution for publishing this ethics statement which further strengthens our commitment to work within the Code of Practice. 

If you would like more information about Resolution members or if you are looking to appoint a family solicitor, you can contact our experienced family law team on 0113 322 9222 or at

Laura Clapton