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Day 2 of Family Mediation Week

Today’s focus is to provide an insight into what happens in a mediation session. Some people are sceptical about what happens in a session and so the FMC have prepared a mock mediation which can be watched by clicking this link. The mock mediation is presented by Elaine Richardson, who is an experienced mediator alongside two actors. The mock mediation is also for professionals who may refer clients or patients to mediation such as solicitors, doctors, counsellors, therapists, teachers etc who want to know more about the process itself  so that they can provide information to their clients or patients as to the benefits of using a mediation service to help resolve their dispute.

The mock mediation is also great for parties engaging in the process to know what to expect and hopefully relieve any anxiety they have about the process.

Throughout this week there is an opportunity to ‘Meet the Mediator’ and today the mediator selected is Summera Kauser. For more information please click the following link

Mediator, Philippa Johnson has also prepared a blog ‘So what is family mediation and who are family mediators?’ which is very informative and provides an insight into the work that we do as family mediators and where to start if you want to instruct a mediator.

We are keen to get across the message this week about the benefits of mediation and we have also written to our local MP to get them on board. If you have time there is a template on the Family Mediation Website to write to your MP and the more of us that support this, the more your local MP is likely to get involved.

We hope that you find the mock mediation useful and if you have any questions about mediation then please get in touch with us.