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Mediation is a process that can help parents to come to an agreement setting out what time the child(ren) will spend with each parent.  This will include decisions about schools, GP’s, holidays, and special occasions. It also provides an opportunity for parents to raise any issues or concerns they may have whilst the child(ren) is in the other parent’s care.

Mediation can help parents to discuss proposed arrangements and think about whether those arrangements are feasible for the foreseeable future.  Parents can discuss matters which may impact on the proposed arrangements such as a child starting school or nursery or other matters such as a child(ren) being introduced to new partners.  Mediation is an open avenue for parents to improve communication in the hope of co- parenting together.

The mediation process provides parties with a safe space to be able to make important decisions regarding their children which eliminates the intervention of the Court process.  Parents are recognised as the best people to make decisions regarding their child(ren)’s care for the benefit of your family going forward.

Once agreement is reached the mediator can draft a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the agreement reached.  If parents which to formalise the arrangement they can apply to the Court for a Child Arrangements Order to be made in those terms.  The mediator can also draft a parenting plan which is agreed with the parents. This enables positive parenting for the future.

You can find the a link to our mediation processes here on our specialist mediation website if you want to know more about our mediation service.