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“Consilia Legal is straight talking, practical and open to new ideas. Leeds & Yorkshire Lawyer talks to a niche firm that wants to offer a cutting edge service with
a human touch.

Why do established solicitors set up on their own? To make more money, make their own decisions, and leave behind a certain work culture? Sure. But increasingly, it is also to make a difference in today’s fast changing legal services market. 

One four-piece – made up of ex- colleagues Caroline Acton, Marie Walsh, Sally Clark and Laura Clapton – has done just that. Back in November last year, Walsh and Clark, commenced trading as Consilia Legal, a niche firm based in the centre of Leeds that specialises in family and employment law, as well as mediation. They were soon joined by Acton and Clapton. Knowing that they all share the same work philosophy, they came together determined to adopt a more pragmatic approach when it comes to working with clients.

Their focus is on working with their clients in not only their best personal interests, but their financial ones too. This concept of a lawyer-client partnership is what inspired the firm’s name. Consilia, the Latin for working together, encapsulates how the four partners wish to share their legal knowledge. 

“We wanted to offer a different type of service which is a more down-to-earth approach based on working with our clients, rather than just focussing on bills and how much you can bring in,” says Clark…” Download the full article below.