Person opening bottle of water

Not home and hosed; Drugs testing fragilities – a cautionary tale.

The potential pitfalls of drug testing in sport and the workplace.

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Family scene

New Year, Fresh Start.....

New year and facing separation . Making positive choices

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“No fault divorce” – risky concept or long overdue?

This article explores the concept of "no fault divorce" and whether our current divorce law needs reform.

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Sorting out arrangements over the festive season  for your children

Thinking ahead and starting the Christmas Contact conversation

Sorting out arrangements for your children over the festive period - before that time is upon us.

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Contact arrangements over school holidays

How difficulties can arise over contact in school holidays and practical tips to assist.

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Couple arguing

Had your tinsel in a tangle? Is 2017 a year for change?

Family issues need resolving - options available

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Family Mediation : Raising the Profile

Mediation has been in the press this week focusing on helping separated families.

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protecting assets

Protecting your future

Planning to live with your partner or are you thinking of taking the plunge and getting married - here is how you can protect your financial position

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caring for children

Reframing the "D" word

Speaking positively to children about separation #children first

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your children

Your options and focusing upon your children

Putting children first - options on separation.

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