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Wyatt v Vince [2015] Landmark Supreme Court Decision

Kathleen Wyatt has been granted permission by the Supreme Court to make a financial claim against her former husband Dale Vince over 30 years after the couple separated.

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MPS Applications - the importance of an accurate interim budget

Moylan J in BD v FD [2014] highlights the importance of an accurate interim budget in MPS applications

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The Final Report from the Financial Remedies Working Group

The Group publish their final report making recommendations on good practice and procedure in financial remedy cases.

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Presumption of Parental Involvement

A presumption of parental involvement came into effect from 22 October 2014.

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Pre-nuptial agreements - the new norm

Pre- nuptial agreements becoming more common place following Law Commission's proposals

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Fixed Fees for Financial Remedy Cases?

Should we, as family lawyers, be offering fixed fees for financial remedy cases upon divorce

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Dispute Resolution Week 2014

Find out how Consilia Legal are taking part in Dispute Resolution Week 2014

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