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house in hands

Living together agreements - why are they sensible?

This article considers the benefits of cohabitating couples signing a living together agreement or cohabitation contract.
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Why should I sign a pre-nuptial agreement?

Our family law director, Laura Clapton identifies the potential benefits that signing a pre-nuptial agreement can have for couples contemplating marriage.
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Supporting trans employees in the workplace

Acas has published guidance on supporting trans and intersex employees in the workplace.
Laura Clapton Family Solicitor and Director

Profile: Meet Laura Clapton, Family Director

Laura Clapton is a director, family solicitor and accredited mediator at Consilia Legal
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New Vento Bands

Presidential Guidance released on the New Vento Bands following consultation.
Sally Clark Family Solicitor, Mediator

Profile: Meet Sally Clark, Family Director

Sally Clark is a director, family solicitor and mediator at the firm.
Sorting out arrangements over the festive season  for your children

Thinking ahead and starting the Christmas Contact conversation

Sorting out arrangements for your children over the festive period - before that time is upon us.
Emma Cartlidge (trainee solicitor)

Profile: Meet Emma Cartlidge, Trainee Solicitor

Emma is a trainee solicitor at Consilia Legal. Emma commenced her training…