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money in hands

Negotiating a pre-nuptial agreement in family mediation.

We understand that is not the most romantic prospect in the world…

New Compensation Limits from 6 April 2016

The maximum amount of statutory redundancy pay and the amount employment tribunals can award for unfair…

protecting assets

Protecting your future

Planning to live with your partner or are you thinking of taking the plunge and getting married - here is how you can protect your financial position

Big Brother is watching you!

This statement often conjures up negative emotions and particularly…

Medical Evidence - proceed with caution?

When you have an employee absent on sick leave…

Family Mediation Week

11th-15th January 2016
caring for children

Reframing the "D" word

Speaking positively to children about separation #children first
child sad parents fighting in background

Family Dispute Resolution Week #childrenfirst

This week is family dispute resolution week and the central focus of this year's campaign is putting children first.